Calgary Real Estate Buyer's Incentive Promotion

Tuesday Jun 09th, 2020


The vast majority of our clients buying Real Estate receive $1000CAD cash back if you buy with us before end of October 2020,  although sometimes they receive even more! But that's not all they receive. Our clients receive top notch service and expert buyer representation. The details of our promotions and services are outline below but feel free to contact us call (403) 464-4470email us: or register to: if you still have any questions.

The Law in Alberta now requires all buyers to be all under contract with their Realtors (called a Buyer Brokerage Contract). That contract will outline the services you will receive and the detail how the Realtor is to be paid. In our contracts, we agreed to accept $1000CAD less than what is typically offered, passing that money onto to you! Here's how that works:

 Buying Calgary MLS Listings 

 All MLS listed properties offer commissions to the buyer's Realtor. The vast majority (about 90% or more) of the listings offer 3.5% of the first $100,000 plus 1.5% of the balance of the sale price as compensation to the buyer's Realtor. We call this a "3.5/1.5" commission. We agree in writing to limit our commission to just "2.5/1.5" and any extra we receive is passed on to you. So in almost all cases,  you'll receive $1000CAD Cash back. 

In some cases, you may even earn more. When sellers are in a competitive market they sometimes offer "bonus commissions". These are designed to attract Realtors to their listing as they will earn more from it, but because we limit our commissions, when you use us to buy the property all that bonus commission goes to you! So for example, If you purchased a property offering a 3.5/1.5 + $5000CAD bonus commission, you will receive $6000CAD Cash Back!

In those rare instances where you wantt to buy a home that is not offering at least 2.5/1.5 in compensation (such as a for sale by owner property) we can usually convince them to cover the commission in exchange for the offer, and only if they refused would only shortfall need to be paid by you directly. Of course, If you'd like, we could always exlude those homes from the ones we visit. there are more than enough homes to see (over 90% of all MLS listed homes) that will result in at least $1000CAD cash back when you buy them.

Buying Calgary New Home Construction

Just like properties listed on the MLS, most Calgary builders also offer commissions to Realtors so you can still take advantage of this offer but it is important that you engage us prior to going to the show home as we must register you with the builder during your first visit in order to qualify for this incentive.

Receive Professional Buyer Representation

In addition to receiving cash, you will also receive top notch proffessional buyer representation! When you find the home you want to buy, we'll research the history of that home, and of the other similar home sales in the area to ensure you know what its worth (many homes are ridiculously overpriced). We'll expertly prepare and explain the legal contracts that make up the offer to purchase, and we'll use our extra training in negotiation to help you get the home for the lowest possible price.  



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